SRKwoodworks is Everyday Fine Furniture

SRKwoodworks is a full service custom furniture shop. We will work with you to come up with new and existing design to make your decor dreams come true.  Pieces can be made in any size, with any species of wood.  We build furniture with timeless design and craftsmanship that hearkens back to a time when furniture was built to last generations. We specialize in adding truly  personal touches in subtle ways, such as using materials from your area, or even your own backyard. We can also repair or re-purpose your old favorites, for instance if you need a new table top for an old base, or a new base to give an old table top new life.

SRKwoodworks is Stephen Kitchen

The love of working wood came at a young age, sparked by a father and grandfather who, although not from a trades background, valued self-reliance and the desire to learn by doing.  High school shop classes led to post-secondary education at The Woodworking Center of Ontario at Conestoga College, for a three year co-op program.  
College and three work placements left me with a good understanding of what my interests and skills in woodworking were, and although they put me on a path towards commercial furniture production, I decided to go into a field about as far from production woodworking as you can get: wooden boat restoration.  
Boat restoration opened my eyes to many unique skills, techniques, and design points.  Boat building breaks so many of the 'rules' I learned in school.  Exploring why, and how it all works, is half the fun.
Through every shop I have worked in, I always knew I would come back to furniture design and custom woodworking.   These days I like to call myself a joiner, an archaic word for someone who makes furniture and fittings for a house.